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Awaji Lettuce

The features of products from Awaji-shima are long correspondence period and quick delivery, due to the short distance to consumption areas.

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in Season:1月, 2月, 3月, 4月, 5月, 10月
販売・出荷時期:1月, 2月, 3月, 4月, 5月, 10月, 11月, 12月
Awaji Onion

Awaji-shima is famous for onion, the features of our onion are long correspondence period and particularly maintaining its quality.

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As we are professional vegetable growers, on the premise it is safe, secure and delicious, we pursue a level that no one else can do. Our ideal vegetables are not only just sweet to the palate, but also nourishing to the body and mind of the person who eats them.

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 淡路島の特産品といえば、玉ねぎを想像する方が多いと思いますが、Top Fieldさんは玉ねぎの他にも、レタスの生産に力を入れています。