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“Shiroi Kajitsu” white asparagus picked in winter

Super extra-thick white asparagus “Shiroi Kajitsu”.
Thick but soft, sweet juice spreads in mouth

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一番おすすめの食べ方は、シンプルにグリルです。フライパンでじっくり両面を焼いて、塩とオリーブオイルでお召し上がりください。 また、サラダでもお召し上がりいただけるほど皮が柔らかいのに加え、美肌とも言えるその見た目の美しさは、食べる人を虜にします。

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in Season:1月, 12月
販売・出荷時期:1月, 12月
A blissful potage with a scent of white asparagus

We use more than 60% of white asparagus produced in-house as a raw material, and the moment you eat a bite, white asparagus spreads in mouth.

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in Season:通年
White asparagus cultivation kit

"The point is that you can cultivate it at home! You can harvest it in 3 weeks, and the harvest will continue about 2 months."

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in Season:ー

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Sannimon is located in Johoji Town, Ninohe City, the northern part of Iwate.
Sannimon is the trade name of the founder, the Baba family. For over 200 years, we have been connected with food and agriculture here.
Inheriting the idea of "connecting richer food to the future" from our predecessors, we are particular about "taste" from soil, and work on eater-oriented production and sales.

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 「ホワイトアスパラガス 白い果実」は、糖度6~8度という驚きの甘さと、果実のようなみずみずしさを感じることができます。「至福のポタージュ」は、原料に自社生産のホワイトアスパラガスを60%以上使用しており、一口食べた瞬間、香りが口中へと広がり、至福の時間へとあなたを導く逸品です。是非お試しください。