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Beets retort pouch

It is ready to use, as peeled and heated.

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in Season:1月, 2月, 3月, 4月, 5月, 6月, 7月, 8月, 9月, 10月, 11月, 12月, 通年
販売・出荷時期:1月, 2月, 3月, 4月, 5月, 6月, 7月, 8月, 9月, 10月, 11月, 12月, 通年

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Established "Aibetsu Town Beets Promotion Association" after starting cultivation in the Aizan district of the town. It is now cultivated by 15 farmers with about 3 tons are harvested annually. We collaborate with the town and produce the original beet rap songs and PV for widely known the goodness of beets, the charm of the town and the current situation throughout the country. We mentioned the issues of aging and population decline in the rap.

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